Wie is Maroeska Metz?

Maroeska is een ontwerper van meubelen en interieur. Typerend voor haar werk is de zogenoemde Maroeskakrul.

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In september 2019 verscheen Maroeska's kookboek 'Hoe dan?!' and deed ze mee aan de tv show 'Heel Holland Bakt'

But how does this all fit together? Jewellery, lighting, interior, furniture and also food design?

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"I often get this question, but for me it's all part of the same thing. It's all part of a certain kind of atmosphere."

Maroeska Metz

All her life Maroeska has been busy with food and design, but how did this evolve? 

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Maroeska 1 jaar

Maroeska grew up in a small house in Amsterdam West.

In her free time she was creative with visual art, food and music

Maroeska 23 jaar - Rietveld klei hoofd c

After two years of studying the violin at the conservatory of Amsterdam, she decided to go to the art school 'Rietveld academy' in Amsterdam to study sculpture

In 1985 she graduated from the Rietveld School of  Art & Design with the project 'edible statues'


In 1987 Maroeska published 500 copies of her handmade book 'fish faces' as the completion of her lead-fish-project

In 1990 Maroeska had a Christmas dinner with her family and she made candlesticks as decorative lighting. They were a great succes and Maroeska started selling them. 


Shortly after, she started to design and make more furniture and lighting. The curl became her favourite ornament, making every design recognisable.


In a short time, Maroeska gained international attention with her designs.


In 1992 Maroeska starts a ceramics collection in collaboration with Ella Ursem.

In 1995 Maroeska starts designing furniture for Designers Guild and Arx Gelderland Meubelen


In 1998 Maroeska starts designing jewellery for herself.

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In 1999 Maroeska gets asked to design a cake for Elle Wonen


In 2005 Maroeska starts a glass collection in collaboration with AJETO in Czech Republic

In 2006 Maroeska starts a new lighting collection with glass and nickel


In the same year Maroeska starts a commercial jewellery collection 

In 2007 Maroeska experiments with the new light technology LED


Between 2008 and 2014 Maroeska continues to design a great variety of new objects and additional designs to existing collections such as...

door handles | cutlery | bed sheets | violin ornaments | trencher | more glasses | more water jugs | drawer buttons | plates | more rings | more necklaces | more sofa's | more chairs | carpets | curtains | beds | china cabinets | coffee cups | more vases | music stand | bracelets | more earrings | ornamental patterns | boxes | more candlesticks | more mirrors | more tables | glass objects en so on...

In 2014 Maroeska starts making hand painted paper table cloths for fun.

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In 2015 Éditions Louvre Victoire publishes the book Maroeska Metz made by René & Barbara Stoeltie about Maroeska's work.

In 2018 Maroeska's cookbook gets re-published by Uitgeverij MarkMedia & Art with 235 short instruction video's


In 2018/19 Maroeska participates in the dutch version of baking television show Bake-Off, Heel Holland Bakt where she ends in the finals

Video afspelen

In 2019 Maroeska was filmed in her house as for the television program 'BinnensteBuiten'


In 2019 Maroeska was asked for a 2 hour radio show with Carolien Borgers

Click here to watch the interview